Getting there

Honiara is only a short three hour flight from Brisbane. Please provide flight details when making a booking so that our friendly staff can greet you personally and arrange a reasonably priced airport transfer for you with complementary refreshments upon arrival.

Activities in Honiara
  • The National Museum: Found opposite the Mendana Hotel, the National Museum houses an impressive collection of custom and traditional artefacts, photographs and historical materials.
  • Botanical Gardens: The gardens are only a short walking distance from the King Solomon Hotel and contain many interesting and exotic tropical specimens.
  • Cultural Centre: The different traditional architectural styles of the eight Solomon Islands Provinces are represented by the designs of the leaf houses built behind the museum.Markets: Just down the road from the King Solomon the Honiara markets are a must see for visitors to the capital.
  • Chinatown: Chinatown's main street is lined with stores built in the traditional 'colonial' style with verandas and iron roofs. It is also home to some of Honiara's most interesting shopping.
  • Historic War Memorials: Just behind Honiara Japanese and American war memorials and relics can be found overlooking Iron Bottom Sound.